7-steps to easily improve search engine rankings

In order to make the site ranked google search engine rankings, we must understand the factors affecting google rankings. According to expert analysis, the factors that affect the site ranking more than 300, but we cannot take care of all and optimize them to the best. So, we only pick out one of the five most influential factors, and discuss here.

Step 1 – Interesting website content

Google ranking on the content’s attention to detail had reach to an unprecedented height. In conclusion, the search engine is just a tool, after customers enter the search keywords, all they want to see is good search relevancy returned. So, if you want to get a good Google ranking, the best way is to constantly update the website with original content.

Step 2 – Google keyword

How do most customers found our site? Our website selection of keywords is very important as well as optimizing the keywords on the site. Google keywords are a tool for Google’s affiliate sites, which help you find keywords and offer keyword suggestions. Getting familiar with using this tool will help maximize your site’s traffic.

Step 3 – Website structure

In order to let the search engine better find your page, an easy to understand site structure is essential. The structure of the website is not just about the navigation of the page, the links between the pages of the site and a site map that can display all the pages of the site are part of a good site structure.

Step 4 – External links

Every user can receive a lot of information by internet, a website in the search engine cannot be a separate “information island”. Your site needs to be out there, constantly getting more high-quality external links in order to get a good Google website ranking.

Step 5 – PR value of website

PR (Page Rank) value refers to the page ranking, is a distinction by Google to determine between all the advantages and disadvantages of a simple evaluation criteria. The higher the PR value of the site, the better the situation of the site.

Step 6 – Keep it simple

Keep a good structure for your website, the navigation URL structure should be simple enough to allow the search engine to find. URLs that contain dynamic parameters have no effect on search engine rankings.

Step 7 – Engaged Industry Professional in the Management of Your System Network.

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